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We design and install Brick and Concrete Pavers for Patios and Pathways, and Slate, Rock and Mulch Natural Pathways in Anchorage and Eagle River

Paver pathways and patios can add charm to any yard or garden. Unlike walkways, which are often somewhat formal, and are designed more with function in mind than form, pathways all but invite people to take a leisurely stroll down them. Pathways are often found in garden areas but they can be placed just about anywhere your heart desires. Titan is your paver pathway and natural pathway installers – Servicing Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska

If you are looking for professional installers to create your custom brick paver patio or naturalor slatepathways, call the experts at Titan – Anchorage’s Trusted Landscaping Contractor!

About Concrete Pavers

Brick, i-brick, and concrete are popular and durable types of pavers to install for your pathway or patio.

Concrete pathway pavers are extremely dense units which possess exceptional strength and durability, superior stability under severe loads, and are minimally affected by the extremes of frost and are easily fixed on rare situations of heaving. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking. Factory made pathway pavers can last for decades. Manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, pathway pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces and more durable than black asphalt. A segmental pathway paving system allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks, unlike monolithic concrete surfaces and stamped concrete. They can take more abuse and last for generations. Pavers were used for roads by Ancient Romans thousands of years ago. Some of them still remain today.

The many shapes, patterns, and colors of concrete pathway pavers allow for design creativity, as well as delineation of pavement areas, such as parking lanes, crosswalks, and intersections. The beauty of pathway pavers adds value and visual appeal to any property. By adding flexibility not possible with rigid pavement, pavers can flow with existing landscaping to deliver beauty to any property. Suppliers stock rustic stone-like pathway pavers to those that like the look of clay brick. Light colored pavers offer a cooler surface around patios and pool decks. 

Pathway pavers are easy to repair if they begin to separate or heave. Pavers can be repaired by lifting the affected area, regrading or releveling, and re-compacting the base and bedding sand to reinstall the same pavers. Asphalt, concrete, and stamped concrete can't make this claim. They must be completely torn up and reinstalled. Pathway pavers are low-maintenance and offer low life-cycle costs. It is an inexpensive procedure that leaves no unsightly repair patches. Pathway pavers are easy to maintain and stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Regular sweeping and occasional rinsing are usually the most maintenance needed. For heavy soiling, pressure washing with appropriate clearing solutions (re-sanding of joints will be necessary) or a simple spot treatment with a brush, cleaner, water and some elbow grease will solve the problem.

Pathway pavers are very durable and excel in the winter climate. Snow can be plowed, blown or shoveled just like asphalt or concrete pavements. The beveled edge of pathway pavers will prevent you from catching an edge with the plow or shovel. Using de-icing products like salt or calcium chloride will not harm or pit the pathway pavers like is typically seen on concrete walkways. Electric or liquid snow-melting systems work well under concrete pathway pavers, eliminating snow removal while reducing slip hazards. Pathway pavers can also be colored dark to help melt snow faster. Snow-melt systems can be installed to eliminate snow and ice removal. Concrete pathway pavers resist deterioration of freezing and thawing cycles and deicing salts better than asphalt and better than ordinary poured in place concrete.

Natural Pathways

Slate and natural rock are common and functional for creating a pathway.

Slate Pathways

Slate Pathways are a great aesthetic and functional way to provide a pathway from one section of the yard to another. The stone varies in size and color adding that no two pathways will look the same. The pathways are set and compressed to hold their forms through the varying seasons. These beautiful slate stones come in different colors and can be inlaid in smaller rocks to create a pathway or be installed directly into the yard to create an elegant garden pathway.

Rock Pathways

Rock pathways are not as refined as most stone pathways but they do have their place in many landscaping designs. A pathway that has been formed from river rock is a beautiful, low maintenance pathway. It is generally very affordable as well. A rock pathway starts by laying out the design. Because you will be using smaller rocks, you can easily have elaborate curves in the pathway that are easy to customize. Curves add character to a pathway, and they also help to make the pathway seem longer than what it really is. A good way to get an idea of the possible curves that you might want to add to a pathway is to use a garden hose as your marker. Simply put the hose on the ground, form it as you like, and if you do not approve of what you see, make changes to the curve. Once you have the design set to your liking, use a can of orange spray paint to mark the outline of the pathway.

Mulch Pathways

Mulch is a great alternative for creating a pathway for aesthetics in a flower bed or landscaped section in your yard.

Mulch pathways are an easy project to construct and it feels wonderful underfoot. You can use various types of mulch to act as your pathway surface. Some common types include birch bark and Hemlock based wood chips. When putting in your mulch pathway, remember Titan always suggests the you use commercial grade landscape fabric as a weed barrier. This reduces maintenance time associated with weed pulling. Home store outlets like Lowes and Home Depot charge per bag for their mulch and rock products. You can buy mulch for larger areas and for much less by buying it in bulk from us.

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