Wood Decks, Trex Decking & Custom Staircases

Titan offers full landscaping design services including custom wood decks and Trex decks, staircases and railings. We are a design and build deck company servicing Alaska from Anchorage to Eagle River

A good wood deck transports you to another world, or at the very least extends your living space outdoors. It allows you to project yourself into a landscape without destroying it. A truly great wood deck is suited to the site and delights the eye. As examples of our work show, a wood or Trex deck can capture a view, turn even a tiny sunlit space into an outdoor room, and expand the feeling of spaciousness by helping the boundaries between indoors and outdoors disappear. With so many materials and techniques now available, the only limit is at the edge of your imagination

Wood Decks & Trex Decking

Cedar/Sunwood Decks

Western red cedar wood is known for its excellent resistance to the elements. Cedar wood is like a cousin of redwood but is slightly less expensive. It too is becoming more scarce so longer lengths are more expensive per foot than shorter lengths. It is a softwood and easy to work with and soft to the touch. It also has a beautiful natural color which unfortunately changes to grey after exposure to the sun. Staining can combat this phenomenon, but overall it's an excellent outdoor material for wood decks and is a beautiful decking material.

Cedar wood decks require regular maintenance or they will not last as long as they should. Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant, constant moisture, freezing and thawing, and varying wet and dry conditions will age the wood. For that reason, it is suggested every spring and fall that you should clean the wood deck and protect the surface with a stain every 2-3 years. It is not recommended to paint cedar wood decks. Cuts and holes in the paint retain water which can lead to cracking once dried. This is the reason that paint chips on wood decks and must be re-done every few years. When cedar wood decks are stained, there isn’t a color in the world that will replace its look and feel. With a little regular care, you will find that cedar wood decks can last 15 years or more depending on the care and the climate.

Titan has also begun building wood decks with a form of pressure treated wood called sunwood. This wood is smooth in finish and slightly darker than Cedar as it has been pretreated to resist external elements. We have found that these wood decks can be slightly more economical in cost but are a great alternative to cedar and doesn't require initial staining. As with all wood decks, it is still susceptible to sun exposure and will lose its color after a few years. Titan LLC. recommends that at least two coats of stain be applied before your deck has gone through its first winter if it is Cedar.

Trex Decking (Composite)

Trex decking is a composite material made of plastic, wood bits and polymers. The composite is designed to last many seasons and will not rot, splinter, crack or split. The decking is to be "low-maintenance"; it does not need to be sanded and stained, painted, or waterproofed (as does wood). TREX’s newest line of decking materials is guaranteed to last for over twenty years. One huge advantage of a composite deck is that we have found it is the best overall for Alaska conditions. The product costs more initially, but when you figure out the cost of maintenance for cedar over a 10-20 year period, the composite deck ends up being the better value in the long run.

Stairs, Steps & Railings

Titan has constructed hundreds of stairs and steps for residential decks and walkways that spread over leveled terrains or connect floors. We have also constructed hundreds of lines of custom railing. Stairs can be built out of traditional wood or composite materials. The same goes for railings. The hillside in Anchorage is well known for its beautiful views. Railings can be constructed with glass panels or steel carbon-fiber rods to create a protective barrier for your deck that doesn’t impact line of sight. Just like all of our carpentry products, anything we build can be customized and designed to fit your intended usage while providing aesthetic value to your home.
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