Spring Clean Up


The spring clean up special is a service that we have been providing since our inception. The special includes services for dethatching, raking, fertilizing, and lime application (upon request) for all lawn areas, as well as driveway sweeping! This special is for lawns of 4500 sq. ft. or less. All larger lawns are done on a per hour basis. The general rule is an hour per 2,500 sq. ft. If you are unsure of your yard size, call one of our associates today to help you determine your yard size. We have a program that calculates square footages from aerial photos of your home.

Dethatching and why it is important

Dethatching is simply the removal of the top thatch layer from your lawn. Under Alaska's cool growing conditions, grass clippings may accumulate in a lawn faster than they can decompose. When this happens, a layer of thatch builds up which can insulate the soil, contribute to potential disease problems, and increase drought and winter damage susceptibility because new grass plants grow in the thatch layer rather than in soil. Thatch removal can be accomplished manually with a dethatching rake, which can be time consuming for any but the smallest areas of a lawn. It is more quickly and effectively done by professionals with a gas-powered power rake.

In turn, the quicker and more efficiently the thatch is removed the quicker your lawn will begin to grow! Due to Alaska’s short summers, this process should be done sooner rather than later. Ideally before your first mow. You will see noticeable results immediately and thick, new grass growth and greening within 10 days!

In turn, the quicker and more efficiently the thatch is removed the quicker your lawn will begin to grow! Due to Alaska’s short summers, this process should be done sooner rather than later. You will see noticeable results immediately and thick, new grass growth and greening within 10 days!

Fertilization & Lime

Fertility management is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are important in leaf growth, root development, and disease resistance. Fertilizer and Lime provides all of these essential nutrients. We spread an Alaskan made Arctic Gro Fertilizer, which is rich in nitrogen aimed at resupplying nitrogen lost through grass growth, mowing and winter dormancy. Be cautious of using general fertilizers purchased from home outlet stores such as Scott’s Turf Builder. These fertilizers are not optimized for Alaskan lawns and can often do more harm than good due to their excessively high nitrogen levels.

Testing your soil pH is important. Moss, algae, and a lack of new grass growth can be sign of low pH. Lime should be added in the late fall or early spring if your soils are found to be overly acidic (under 5.5 ph) and helps to balance the pH level. Grass naturally prefers a neutral pH level. Maintaining a pH level of around 5.5 to 6.0 is adequate for most turf grasses in Alaska. Both lime and fertilizer can be applied at the same time, but it's important to remember that your yard needs to be watered within 24 hours of application; preferably as soon as the service is completed in order to reduce the risk of fertilizer burn on your yard. You should continue this watering once a day for the next week until all the nutrients are dissolved and no granular fertilizer or lime is remaining.

Spring Clean-up Special Need to Know

• Time Frame: Typically we run this special for a limited time based on winter break-up. Scheduling takes just a few minutes and your lawn can be typically be done within 1-3 days at most, weather permitting. If your yard is not yet ready, or still has snow on it, we can still schedule an appointment for a future date.

• Prepare for our Workers: It's very important that you have your lawn ready ahead of time for our workers. That means making sure that all personal items are removed off the lawn and that there is access to all part of the yard for our employees. Be sure to lock pets inside the home and pick-up their feces. We are not responsible for your dog getting out due to the servicing of your yard.

• Time to Complete: The complete cleanup process time varies from yard to yard, but most lawns that fall within our special take around 2 hours. During this time you do not need to be home for this service, but please make sure our employees have access to your yard and all animals are secured.

• Wilderness Areas: This special is for grass areas specifically. "Wilderness areas" are not included in the special and are defined as areas where grass growth has not occurred. Most commonly, these are areas covered mostly by trees, underneath spruce trees, and bare ground or dirt. Please contact us if your unsure if this will affect you. This work is typically done at an hourly rate as the time to clean can vary widely.

• After Service: It is highly recommended that you keep your children and pets off of the areas for at least 24 hours after watering as a precaution. Be sure to water your yard within the first 24 hours to avoid damage to your lawn. Continue watering, once a day, for a week, and then at least once a week throughout the summer.

• Continued Maintenance: Be sure to fertilize your lawn at least two or three additional times throughout the summer as needed. Our recommendation is to use a 21-11-11 in the spring,16-16-16 in the mid summer and 8-32-16 in the fall.

• Trash Bag Removal: Titan, LLC. does remove trash bags for an additional charge but it is not included as part of the special. We suggest to check with your local waste management provider as most will accommodate for this servicing. However, we will remove said bags for an additional per bag fee.

• Pet Feces: Make sure to remove all domestic animal feces from the property. Not only is it damaging to our machines but it is also a health hazard. If feces is not removed from the yard, we will remove it for an additional fee before completing your service

• Other Services: Titan, LLC. offers a variety of other services such as lawn renovation, retaining walls, topsoil and hydroseeding, decks and fences, concrete work, planting and mulch beds, and much, much more!. If you are interested in additional services, repairs, or renovations, please contact our office or visit our contact page to request one of our designers to give you a free consultation.
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