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The primary function of a wood, chain link or ornamental fence or gate is to mark the boundaries of your property. However, it may also serve a number of other purposes, from child and/or pet containment to garden fencing, from keeping the wildlife out of your families’ yard, to mere decoration. Wood, chain link and ornamental fences come in many different designs and material types – wood fences and gates, aluminum fences, steel fences, coated chain link fence and a variety of other chain link fencing and gates are available. The fence you choose for your backyard or project will depend entirely on the purposes you intend it to serve. Titan has constructed thousands of linear feet of custom fences and has experienced personnel that can duplicate almost any type of fence or gate you desire. Our workmanship is second to none. Servicing Anchorage to Eagle River, Alaska

What type of fence are you looking for?

Wood Fence

Cedar fences are the most popular type of wood fence for residential homes in Alaska. There are hundreds of ways to customize a wood fence, such as: different wood fence types, post caps, spacing, framing, and door constructions. There are many options when it comes to the type of wood fence and the overall design, but as far as structure is concerned, most wood fences fall into one of three categories: picket, privacy and ranch.

Titan has skilled carpenters that offer a variety of styles but we also pay attention to quality. That includes concrete on your post foundation. Posts are the number one reason that wood fences in Alaska fail, contrary to belief that the wood rots first. Alaska soils are very susceptible to frost heave. Improper mixing of concrete or poor post hole diggings will lead to weak posts that will fail or heave after a season or two. Our experienced personnel digs posts and mixes concrete to a set standard. It is rare to find a fence contractor that is as committed to quality as us. From quality materials, to spacing, to flat levels and proper grades, we want to provide a sturdy wood fence that also provides aesthetic quality. Check out our wood fence gallery to see the vast difference and superior quality in all of our wood fence constructions.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are normally the most economical to construct and are ideal for running through rough terrain. Chain link fences have metal posts that stick vertically from concrete foundations and support crisscross chain link sections. Posts can also be driven to a four foot depth or lower in order to make them easy for removal and reduce the cost of construction. Chain link fences vary greatly in height and, while alone they offer no privacy, vinyl slats can be positioned vertically through the chain links to lower visibility. There are also different colors that can be powder-coated onto the metal, like green or black, to reduce visibility of the chain link fence in wilderness areas. Chain link fences are quite durable and, depending on the height, can be very secure. Chain link fences are well known for their longevity in Alaska and can last well over 30 years.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fence

Wrought iron and aluminum fences are usually built for their ornamental value. Aluminum fence functions as a more cost effective alternative to wrought iron in Alaska. Wrought iron and aluminum fences are structurally similar to the picket fence, except that the posts sit in a concrete foundation. While wrought iron and aluminum fences do not offer much in the way of privacy, they are extremely durable and easily maintained.

We do not recommend using vinyl fences in Alaska due to cool weather conditions and frost heaving that causes the products to break. Furthermore, these fences styles are re-made every few years and it is typically difficult to find a replacement to a broken section.

Gates and Double Gates

We specialize in custom wood, chain link, wrought iron and aluminum gates

Gates can be customized just as easily as the fence themselves. A fence without a gate means an area with no access. We provide custom gate solutions for all of our clientele and design them based off of your needs. During our free on site consultation, we will be sure to address the need of a gate for your project. Whether you want to push a lawn mower through or fit that big double wide camper, we can design a wood or metal gate solution that gives you easy access to the privacy your fence already provides. We typically design the gate to be of the same materials and overall design as the fence itself. See our gallery for a few examples of this custom quality that Titan provides.
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