Retaining Walls

The build of retaining walls consists of materials like masonry, stone, brick, concrete, vinyl, steel or timber. Certain areas have topography that varies from slightly rolling to mountainous. For such areas, retaining walls allow the construction of steps or level areas. Retaining walls had been used by ancient Roman civilization in the construction of roads. Their extensive use can be found in many castles in Europe as well. Since then, there were many types of retaining wall construction which have been used and improvised over time. Each of the types of retaining walls has been described below.

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Block Retaining Walls
For enclosing an area in a garden, block retaining walls are the most suitable. These walls are of two types. Modular retaining walls and segmental retaining walls. They comprise of interlocking concrete units to hold back the load of the soil. Similar to gravity walls, they use the force of gravity to resist overturn and sliding. The nature of the walls prevents hydrostatic pressure as well.
Retaining Walls
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Natural Rock Retaining Walls
For leveling flower beds in gardens, you might consider the rock retaining walls. The rocks and stones that are used in the construction of these walls must fit with the landscape. When the rocks are stacked together, spaces are left between the rocks. These spaces or gaps are filled with the soil mix. If plants are allowed to grow in between the rocks, it will strengthen the walls. Growing roots will prevent soil from becoming loose, and control soil erosion.
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Wood Retaining Wall
A well built wood retaining wall can add to any landscape, providing both visual beauty and a high degree of safety to any sloped property. When put together correctly a retaining wall built out of landscape timbers provides as much stability as any rock or concrete block wall, with the added good looks that only wood provides. The other nice thing is the functionality that wood provides, allowing for any number of designs that can be customized for each individual landscape.
A wood retaining wall is just as durable and functional as any stone, or block wall as well as being a safe and effective way to add a dynamic feature to your landscape. Wood adds a certain luster to any landscaping project and is a great material to utilize in the yard.
Wall Materials & Designs
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