Residential Landscaping

Our work doesn't end with your installation.  We offer a one year guarantee on all hydroseeding, plants, shrubs and landscaping. We also provide care guides to properly maintain your new landscape.  Many of our customers choose to have us maintain their landscapes to ensure that their new project grows, thrives and lasts past the establishment period for years to come.  Ask us about our maintenance programs. Whether you already have an outdoor living design or need our Design Service to make one up for you, give us a call for a free consultation estimate.  We want to make your dreams of outdoor living come true.

Residential Landscaping
Residentail Landscaping mulch front entry shrubs
The landscaping on your property is the first thing a person sees when visiting or driving by your home. Quality landscaping can have a dramatic impact on your property’s appearance.  Many homeowners look at landscaping as an expense, but really it’s an investment that beautifies your property, increases its function ability and value. Properly executed landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 15 percent. 

We take great pride in our thoughtful, efficient, and detailed approach to residential landscaping.Our goal is to exceed each client’s expectations while delivering unmatched customer service, professionalism and craftsmanship. Your outdoor living space should be eye catching, inviting and therapeutic. 

Our versatility and hands on experience allows us to also turn around a low maintenance landscape project within a very short time.  Some projects can be started within a couple of days and on many occasions the very next day.  We have trained specialized crews that handle only specific types of landscaping projects during the short growing season. Our landscape personnel possess the knowledge and skills required to tackle any job, big or small to your exact specifications and satisfaction.  Our management and installation crews are committed to maintaining excellent communication with our clients, working within budget and staying as close to schedule as weather permits.
Residential Landscaping - New Landscapes
Titan LLC specializes in new construction landscaping and hardscaping. Any newly built homes still require a final grading, topsoil, hydroseed and variety of specialized services such as Retaining Walls, Tree and Shrub Installation, Deck and Fencing, and Paver Walkways and Patios. We are one of the few contractors to handle all tasks in house providing you with a one-stop contractor experience, saving the time and hassle from having to find multiple contractors to provide each service. The value of a initial landscaping project can bring not only esthetic but economic and environmental benefits.

The Benefits of Plants and Landscaping

Residentail Landscaping Mulch Planter Topsoil Hydroseed
Residentail Landscaping Mulch Planter Topsoil Hydroseed

Many projects are important to implement in your initial landscaping just after home construction. This in turn makes projects easier to access, construct and with less damage to any work already done typically at lower costs to the homeowner.
Residential Landscaping - Renovations
Renovating an existing landscape, whether refurnishing or adding-on can be a great way to bring life back into your landscape. Even smaller projects can provide a upgrade enhance the beauty of the property, especially when looking to sell your home.

Our team is specialized in providing our clients with information on their existing landscape and working to help provide customers with new ideas and accompanying designs.