Irrigation in Alaska
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Gardeners in Alaska face challenges that gardeners in the lower 48 states would never dream of. For example, few gardeners in the contiguous United States must fence their gardens to protect them from foraging moose. Alaskan gardeners also must contend with short growing seasons, cold soil, poor drainage, irrigation problems and property that isn't quite level. Gardeners who choose to overcome these challenges will be rewarded with fresh vegetables for their kitchen tables.
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A well maintained irrigation system  is an integral part of a healthy and cost effective landscape and lawn. A carefully-planned, high-quality irrigation system for your landscape is a good investment. Irrigation and sprinkler products work best when they are customized for your types of plants, trees, grass, and climate, as well as walkway and parking lot layouts. Efficient sprinkler design and installation services can make a difference to your landscape irrigation needs.
Quick Facts:
Irrigation scheduling is the decision of when and how much water to apply to a field.
Its purpose is to maximize irrigation efficiencies by applying the exact amount of water needed to replenish the soil moisture to the desired level.
Irrigation scheduling saves water and energy.
All irrigation scheduling procedures consist of monitoring indicators that determine the need for irrigation.